Proper tuning and maintenance of your snowboard or skis is what keeps you gliding safely along the slopes.

Reserve your next tune-up and have our highly skilled technicians get your skis or snowboard performing like new!

Tuning & Repair

Friction Wax

Friction wax is applied to the bottom of snow-riding equipment to improve their performance under different types of snow conditions.


Edge, Base Grind, & Friction Wax

Edge and base grinding ensures a confident grip, while the addition of friction wax improves gliding. 


Hot Iron Wax

Hot iron wax helps to create less friction on the base of your skis so they can glide smoothly through the snow.


Edge, Base Grind, & Hot Iron Wax

The edges will grip stronger and the wax penetrates deeper into the base allowing for a better, smoother ride.


Edge & Base Grind

Edge and base grinding ensures a confident grip even in the iciest conditions.


Full Tune Up

Includes: P-Tex, Edge, Base Grind, Hot Iron Wax
 Make your old board feel like new again!

$40.00 - $60.00

Base or Edge Repair

Having trouble turning sharp corners? Schedule your next base or edge repair today!

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